This is one of Zach’s favorite quick meals. It is also a refreshing and delicious appetizer choice for a tea or colorful party tray.Take it to the next level by using homemade bread.

2 slices of White bread of choice (toasted or fresh)
2-3 Thinly sliced radishes (our Giant German radishes are a great choice)
Butter, or butter spread of choice

(the recipe amounts listed are for one serving, but can be easily increased to feed as many as you need it to)

Spread the bread slices on one side with butter, set aside. After thoroughly washing your radishes (no need to peel them), pat them dry & slice them as thinly as you desire. Layer them onto the buttered sides of your bread. At this stage, you may add salt, pepper, or other seasoning, as desired. Place the sandwich slices together, and divide the sandwich into triangles or squares. Enjoy!

(These are great, make-ahead sandwiches. Store in the fridge between layers of paper towels until ready to serve.)

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