Partner Farms

We grow 100% of the produce we bring to market but realize that we can’t grow everything. Somethings are better left to other experts.
We are happy to have added a few extra farms to our partner farm list this year.  As with all things farming, there is no guarantee that we will be able to provide product from all of these farms, however weather permitting, we hope to be able to do so.  This year we have commitments from several local farmers who grow in a similar manner as we. Occasionally, we may supplement CSA shares, offer in our member store & delivery of products from our partner farms.  We will always let you know when products are sourced from partner farmers and hope to feature each of these farms as produce becomes available.

-Toodlebug Strawberry Farm
-Straweberries & Sweet corn
-Ladyberry Farm
-Wild Blackberries
-Dolan Farms
-Fresh Ginger and Turmeric
-The Macedonia Homestead
-Hilltopper Creamery
-Half-Pint Farm & Fiber
-Edward Habegger
-McClain Farms
-Stonehouse Market Farm
-Need More Acres
Johnstown Farm    

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