This question may sound like a no-brainer to those of you who have grown up farming, or grown up around those who farm. I guess I’m a little naive, but for me it was a genuine question that I always wondered about.
I always pictured a rainy day, for farmers, as a day to sleep in, to linger over coffee, to go visit, to read a book. I mean, everyone gets a day off, right?
Imagine my surprise, when I asked Zach & Michael about it one day, and found out otherwise. I was even more surprised that they didn’t laugh at my question, understanding that I really did want to know.
What do farmers do when it rains?

The short and sweet answer is that they farm. Farmers do all of the tasks that they always have to do on the farm, when it rains.
Zach explained that each task becomes much harder because of the mud, the wet, and the combined added weight of clinging mud and water. Not to mentioned your clothes becoming wet. So you’re eventually cold AND soaked to the bone. The cold isn’t so much bothersome in the summer, actually the rain feels kind of nice after working in the heat. But during winters in the south, which consist of lots of rain, not so much. Even then, there is the mud and the logistical problems it creates when you’re trying to meet deadlines. And we all know how much damage too much water can do.

Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t complaining. After all, I brought it up.

But after hearing their answer, I really began to think about it, and realized something about myself. How unknowingly ungrateful I am sometimes. Think about it. We all assume when we need something it will be there, don’t we? We can go get what we need or someone will bring it to us.
Of course, I don’t mean to be ungrateful. No one does, really. But Ignorance is bliss, they say. We each are busy, with lots going on, trying our best to get by or support our families, day after day. There is always so much to think about.

But if you take away anything from reading this tiny little blog today, let it be a reminder to stop each day and to truly be grateful.
Grateful for those things we take for granted, but always seem to be there when we need them. Grateful for all of those people who do tasks in the background, without making a fuss about it. Tasks that feed and fuel us. Tasks that teach us. Tasks that keep us safe, here and abroad. Tasks that offer healing and help. Everyday tasks that go unrewarded and unrecognized, unless there is a problem.

I certainly didn’t intend to provoke this much thought when I began to wander about what farmers do when it rains. Goodness! I’m busy too. But pondering those tasks made me think about the people. I’m so grateful for each of you, and your willingness to do what you do.
So I hope what I was curious about, and what ultimately made me feel incredibly grateful, maybe sparks that same feeling in you. Gratitude.
What follows gratitude is ultimately an expression of kindness, and couldn’t we all use more of that?

Peace and Blessings,

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