Things you need to get the job done: Cabbage. Knife. Cutting Board.
4 steps:   Wash & Remove Outer Leaves. Quarter the Cabbage. Remove the Core. Shred.
How to use the cabbage after you’ve sliced it: Coleslaw, Sauerkraut, Stir Fry, Casseroles, Salads, Roast it or Grill it.
  1. WASH the cabbage and REMOVE the outer leaves. Rinse the cabbage under running water at your kitchen sink. Lightly scrub with your finger to remove any loose debris. Remember: Vegetables at Little Bent Farm are organically grown, but they are grown in dirt so you know …. dirt. Remove any outer leaves that are softer, leafier and easy to pull off.
  2. QUARTER the cabbage. Place it core side down on the cutting board; slice in half vertically from the top to the bottom slicing through the core. Place each half cut side down on the cutting board; cut in half again from top down through the core.
  3. REMOVE the core. The core is harder than the rest of the cabbage, so it’s easy to see / feel where it is. Each quarter will have a piece of core. Use your knife to cut out that piece of core, cutting at a slight angle will make the job clean and easy.
  4. SHRED the cabbage. Keep the wedge cut side down on the cutting board. Slice horizontally into thin strips (you control how thin or thick you want the strips). You will have a nice pile of cabbage strips. If you want smaller strips – slice the strips in half. The layers will naturally fall apart as you cut.
VOILA! You now have shredded cabbage ready for you to prepare in a variety of dishes – hot, cold and fermented.
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