We grow as much as we can, but realize that we can’t grow everything and some things are better left to other experts. Therefore, we partner with other farms to bring you products that we feel are of excellent quality and supplement what we grow and offer to our customers.   We will always strive to let you know where your food is coming from. When we offer produce from other local farmers, we have commitments from them that they grow in a similar manner as we.  As with all things farming, availability season-to season will vary.

Interested in becoming a partner farmer?  Contact us and we will send you a Partner Farmer/Maker Agreement. 


Dancing Wind Berry Farm | Stonehouse Market Farm | Johnstown Farm | Wild Woods Weeds  

Toodlebug Strawberry Farm | Ladyberry Farm | Dolan Farms | Elam Habegger | McClain Farms 

Hilltopper Creamery |  Half Pint Farm & Fiber | Need More Acres | Enos Yoder

The Macedonia Homestead  | Jackson’s Sausage | Lick Creek Gardens & Greenhouses







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